Tourist documents love for the Cook Islands

Thursday January 03, 2019 Written by Published in Local

A tourist has documented his love affair with the Cook Islands in a book called, “How I Fell in Love with an Island”.


United States-based Haydn Adams is back in Rarotonga to promote his book with his dad Jeff and friend Ronnie. The two are also part of his journey which is documented in the book.

Adams, who is visiting the country for the third time, called the Cook Islands “a magical place in the middle of nowhere in the South Pacific”.

He said the country was an “untapped beauty” which he wanted to share with the rest of the world through his book.

“I guess dad puts it the best way, ‘this is like Hawaii 50 years ago’. The Cook Islands is just an undiscovered gem. There is this untapped genuineness about the island,” Adams said.

The idea to write the book was born when Adams’ friends started enquiring about the Cook Islands.

“The book kind of give you more of a deeper dive into what the Cook Islands is like.”

In the book, Adams discovers the answers to the question, “What exactly do you do in the Cook Islands?”

According to the synopsis, “it wasn’t the white sandy beaches or the world’s most beautiful lagoon that drew him back to the Cook Islands, it was the islanders who showed Haydn how to live, laugh and enjoy paradise.”

Cook Islands Tourism’s director of destination development Metua Vaiimene said the book was a good publicity for the country in the tourism market.

“How I Fell in Love with an Island” is available at the Cook Islands Tourism head office and expected to be available at the local bookstore soon. 

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