Christmas stressful time for some

Saturday December 22, 2018 Written by Published in Local

Christmas is a time for giving, sharing, joy and peace.


But unfortunately, it’s also a time when some families will experience emotional distress, depression, anger and frustration that sadly will affect their loved ones.

The Punanga Tauturu centre usually sees an increase in domestic violence issues during this time.

PTI centre coordinator Rebekah Buchanan, reminds the community that as we go through this long period of festivities, it can be emotional and stressful for some. And that’s particularly when families face financial and social challenges that can cause extreme problems within the family unit.

Those in relationships need to learn to listen and talk to each other and try to avoid conflict, says Buchanan.

“When you are angry or have over-indulged in alcohol, these are not times to talk about serious matters.

“Being reasonable and understanding during these times, and knowing your limit, can help ease the stress.

“Sometimes it pays just to sit and listen. Listening is a calming and positive step: one doesn’t need to necessarily need to give the other person advice or try to solve the problem.”

Having to accommodate families from overseas visiting for special occasions such as reunions, birthdays, and coping with continual celebrations are among the social challenges some have to endure.

Buchanan says it’s helpful to know your limit with your expenses and to ask family for assistance in covering costs for groceries and other necessities if you need to.

“Communication between parents and their children is also very important, adults should spend more time with their children, and know where their kids are.”

“A message to our youth would be to keep yourself safe, not only on the roads but also at the parties you attend; be cautious as there are more visitors on the island, and ensure you are with friends you trust.”

“Remember it is a time to be spent with your loved ones, families and children; listen and share.”

“Remind yourselves of what this time is about, being with family and sharing.”

On behalf of PTI, the Executive Board and members, Buchanan would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe, happy, prosperous New Year.

“And God bless.”

Phone 21133 if you need to contact PTI.

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