Mother’s Day brunch for BSP ladies

Monday May 14, 2018 Written by Published in Local
Kirsten Tangapiri and Patricia Aratangi. 18051146 Kirsten Tangapiri and Patricia Aratangi. 18051146

Every year the women at the Bank of South Pacific get spoilt by their male counterparts in the lead-up to Mother’s Day.


However, as opposed to past years when the men have usually cooked a morning breakfast for their female co-workers, this year it was decided that the staff would all go and enjoy a breakfast brunch at the Islander Hotel instead.

BSP business manager Tutu Inamata said the breakfast was a long-standing tradition, even in the Westpac days prior to the bank changing to Bank of South Pacific.

“We always like to spoil the mothers ahead of Mother’s Day on Sunday, but it also includes the women who aren’t mothers,” said Inamata.

“It is just a nice way to show our appreciation to all the ladies, as well as having a chance to do some team bonding and socialise outside of the office.”

BSP country manager David Street agreed, saying that it is important to have functions outside of work as a way of having a good working culture.

Inamata later joked that having a brunch at the Islander was also a case of the men getting lazy this year and deciding that shouting the ladies was easier than cooking a breakfast.

As well as a free breakfast, each of the ladies that attended also got a spot prize, which ranged from wooden spoons to mini cutlery and beauty products.

The ladies joked that the wooden spoon would come in handy when it comes to getting the men back onto their work tasks during the week.

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