Chicken blamed for crash

Monday October 23, 2017 Written by Published in Local

A wandering chicken crossing the road at Nikao caused a minor traffic accident in Nikao, near the Oasis petrol station, early on Wednesday evening.


When the tourist driver swerved to miss the bird, a motorcyclist traveling behind the vehicle collided with the right rear corner of the car. 

The driver of the car was not under the influence, but the local woman on the motorbike admitted to police she had consumed some alcohol before driving home from work.

Though it was not mentioned in the police report, sources told CINews the motorcyclist was taken to Rarotonga hospital for treatment of injuries including a broken collarbone.

The incident follows the release of further alarming statistics from police in their ongoing battle with drink driving and careless attitudes on the island towards road safety.

Police media liaison officer Trevor Pitt said, nearly half of the 53 cases presented in the High Court last month by the police prosecutors were traffic infringements. Of those 25 cases, 13 were alcohol-related, with drivers failing the excess breath alcohol test. The cost of each test is $150, with police seeking reparation from those tested.

The Cook Islands Police Service is concerned that the high level of drink-driving offences tops the list of all other infringements, with careless driving responsible for 24 per cent of the driving violations.

Other offences were fewer in number, said Pitt. Overall, police successfully cleared 11 cases out of the 53, with the remainder subject to further court dates over the next few months.            - CT/Release

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