Ball a night to remember for students

Monday October 16, 2017 Written by Published in Local
Tiare Kora and Susan Williams made a stunning appearance with their elegance. 17101107/PHOTO: Supplied Tiare Kora and Susan Williams made a stunning appearance with their elegance. 17101107/PHOTO: Supplied

School bags and jandals were tossed aside on Saturday of last week when Year 13 students of Tereora College let their “inner glamour” come to life.


It was an unforgettable night for the 120 students who dressed their best as they celebrated their final year with a school ball at the Princess Anne Hall.

Year 13 student Tuvaine Taio, said she and the ball committee had presented a survey to the Year 13 students earlier this year, to see how they would like to remember their last year of school.

“Majority of the students said they wanted a tropical-themed ball that could include Year 12,” Taio said.

The committee then came up with a proposal for the school principal requesting a ball to be held in celebration of the student’s final school year. 

“We were given approval as long as it didn’t get in the way of our school work,” Taio said.

Tickets were on sale for all senior students to purchase, but Taio said it wasn’t until two days before the ball that most of them were being sold.

“We had aimed to cater for 120 people, but towards the day of the ball we realised less than 100 tickets were purchased, so we decided to cut down on the catering.

“Then when people started purchasing the tickets last minute, we were worried that there wouldn’t be enough food for everyone, but it turned out to be more than enough food on the night.”

Students from the ball committee prepared fundraisers leading up to the big event.

“We sold desserts every Friday and we also sold food at the final games and at the National Auditorium, to help fund our ball.”

Most of the funds covered the cost of catering and decorations.

Besides having a spectacular-looking venue, Taio said the most important thing for her was that the students had fun.

“It was significant for us as students to make memories during our last year together,” she said.

The ball committee would like to thank all the sponsors and those who contributed their time to help the event come together.

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