Tree planting day recognised

Friday September 22, 2017 Written by Published in Local

In recognition of Tree Planting Day, Te Ipukarea Society (TIS) and National Environment Service (NES) worked together to plant native trees at the Karika Palace last Friday.


Karika Palace secretary Helen Tatuava said they had made a plan to plant trees because the palace grounds were next to the Takuvaine stream.

“We established the planting of the trees at the back of the palace to hold the bank, and the day was appropriate as it supported planting day,” she said.

Tatuava said they decided to plant trees that were significant and close to their heritage.

“We got native trees from up in the hills to plant in the palace grounds,” she said.

The Cook Islands mato (homalium) tree is a unique tree to the Cook Islands, and has been planted at the Karika Palace.

Other trees such as uto, tou and chestnut were also planted.                                              



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