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In praise of island time

Friday August 15, 2014 Written by Published in Local
In praise of island time

Missed anything in the news this week? Stay up to date with this list of stories that sparked the most interest online.

1. All that’s good about ‘island time’

A letter to the editor in praise of a slower pace of life in the Cooks caused quite a stir online. Readers chimed in with their own definitions of ‘island time’, from “making plans to see friends that day, not checking your iPhone for an open spot six weeks from now”, to “waiting for the sun to shine to hang your laundry and not worrying about it until then”. Most agreed enthusiastically with the positive sentiment of the letter, with one member of the public saying: “I love this article! I had a big smile from ear to ear reading this! Soooo true … makes one wonder if it’s really worth being away from home when you have a choice to always have island time, and experience life at a pace that allows you to take in every moment.”

2. Triggerfish take top spot in Tahiti

Online readers were full of praise for Cook Islands musicians Kura Happ and Maurice Newport when they hit the top of the charts in Tahiti. “Congratulations on your achievement!” said Canada-based visitor to Rarotonga, Sandra Bueti. “You are fabulous musicians. I'm sure you will have far to go with all of the powerful talent we witnessed at Sails restaurant when we were vacationing in the Cooks in May.”

3. Police truck hit while attending crash

A report that a woman was arrested after crashing into a police vehicle, which was parked up at the scene of another crash, proved popular with readers. The incidents were among four crashes that occurred over the long weekend.

4. Election: Two petitions pulled

With the public awaiting a final call on the outcome of the July 9 election, a report that two of nine election petitions were discontinued drew a strong following. The petitions were dropped in Murienua and Akaoa.

5. BBC filming starts next month

Excitement is growing about a new drama series to be filmed in the Cook Islands from next month. One member of the public said: “Can’t wait to see it ... hope it brings tourism to a new high for such beautiful people and very picturesque island...good luck with the filming.”

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