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Rugby brawl a ‘total embarrassment’

Friday August 08, 2014 Written by Published in Local
Rugby brawl a ‘total embarrassment’

Missed anything in the news this week? Stay up to date with this list of stories that sparked the most interest online.

1. Violent end to sevens ‘shameful’

A fight that escalated off the rugby field and into the spectator’s area caused a barrage of comments from online readers, who labelled the behaviour “appalling” and a “total embarrassment”. Many expressed disappointment, with one of the most popular comments reading: “That’s a pity. Come on, leave the thuggery out of the game, it’s not attractive at all.” Another member of the public said such behaviour could prevent the Cook Islands from doing well in the sport internationally, adding “discipline in all areas is the key to success”. One person thought the reaction to the fight was too negative, saying “Wow, it’s not like we’re the only country to have a brawl during a rugby game”.

2. Living culture at Te Maeva Nui

Photos and coverage of cultural performances during Te Maeva Nui drew a strong following. People on Facebook and Twitter praised the creativity of the costumes and the “amazing” dancing by the teams.

3. Election: Mangaia appeal could change result

Weeks after voting day, online readers are still keenly following election developments. Most popular was a report that the outcome of a court appeal on the eligibility of two electors in Tamarua could potentially change the result of the election in Mangaia.

4. ‘Te Maeva Nui had its shortcomings’

While there was no shortage of praise for Te Maeva Nui performers, the organisation of the event drew criticism for late starting times and what some thought was a lack of promotion. On Facebook, one person said: “Dancing, drumming and singing were all awesome. A huge pity that the stadium was half-empty every night. Very few children attending. How about $5 tickets for all children? Fill up the stadium and engage future Cook Islands leaders in their culture.” Others noted that the lull in attendance isn’t likely to be repeated in 2015: “Next year none of that will be happening because there are so many of us from overseas coming back for the 50th constitution celebrations,” said one person on Facebook. “It’s gonna be huge!”

5. Fire caused by self-combusting towels

A report that a stack of towels self-combusted to cause a small fire stirred up readers’ curiosity. The fire at Snowbird Laundry occurred when some stacked towels, which contained residual oils, retained enough heat after going through the drier that the oil on the towels eventually ignited – a known risk in the laundry business. The fire caused only smoke damage to the building.

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