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Election coverage popular online

Friday July 18, 2014 Written by Published in Local
Locals line up to cast their vote on election day. 14070906 Locals line up to cast their vote on election day. 14070906

Missed anything in the news this week? Stay up to date with this list of stories that sparked the most interest online.

1. Election results announced


Online readers were hungry for information on the outcome of the election this week. The final vote count in each constituency gradually trickled in, with speculation on Twitter that the outcome was likely to be a coalition government. The Electoral Office has since released the full results, which indicate that the Cook Islands Party (CIP) has won 13 seats in parliament – enough for an outright majority.

2. Bitter battle likely in Atiu


After his defeat to CIP candidate Rose Toki Brown, Norman George pinned the result on “bribery and corruption” and said he intended to file a petition in court. On Facebook, members of the public sided with Brown, with some calling George a “sore loser”. One of the most ‘liked’ comments was by Regina Potini, who said: “Pathetic!! Norman George just give it up dude, you’ve lost. Obviously the people have spoken. Congrats Rosie!”

3. Depopulation high in the Cooks


Following a report that depopulation in the Cook Islands is occurring at one of the highest rates in the world, a member of the public commented on Facebook that depopulation “is the single biggest challenge facing our people, government and country”. Suggestions offered to address the problem focussed largely on the economy, with David Chaloner saying “Put the wages up and maybe people will start moving back”. Mitz James Aupuni added: “Let more business competition in to bring down prices and give more jobs.”

4. Vaka to be part of Te Maeva Nui


News that voyaging sister canoes Hōkūleʻa and Hikianalia are soon to arrive as part of the annual Te Maeva Nui celebrations was welcomed by online readers. “What an amazing sight that will be,” said Toru Tara on Facebook. Another member of the public said: “What an honour … A demonstration of love for the Cook Islands culture.”

5. 48 maire eis go missing


A letter to the editor about a missing shipment of maire eis, destined for export to Hawaii, generated plenty of interest – with the eis appearing to have been taken from the Air Rarotonga baggage claim. “Just watch out for all the functions on the island - anyone wearing too many maire?” suggested one member of the public on Facebook. Another person wasn’t sure the maire was the most rational choice for thieves scanning the baggage claim for loot, saying: “Out of all things to take, they take this...”

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