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Brown back for documentary

Friday March 01, 2013 Written by Published in Local

Working for a Canadian television network has brought former CI News journalist Jason Brown back to the Cook Islands last week.

Brown has been touring around the island with two crew from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) filming a documentary.

CBC is the national English language public broadcaster in Canada, which provides a broadcast on television, radio and also the internet. They are headquartered in Toronto, and almost all of their programming is of Canadian origin.

The filming for the documentary has included visits to many spots around the island such as Avarua township, Edgewater Resort and Spa, and to Cook Islands News where Brown worked for several years while he lived in the Cook Islands from 1982.

Brown first visited Rarotonga with the intention of holidaying here for a month – a holiday which ended up being a 29 year stay. He is now a freelance journalist who writes for Island Business magazine in Fiji.

His work with CBC has moved him from his usual writing work to being in front of the camera, something he says has taken some getting used to after a life of working as a print journalist.

It has been five years since he has been back, and is taking advantage of the trip to meet his new eight month old granddaughter, Maiata Brown, for the first time.

“It’s fantastic being back,” says Brown. He has noticed some changes in the island since he was last here, mainly new properties that dot the hillside and a growth in Punanga Nui.

The crew were looking forward to a scenic flight across Rarotonga to get some aerial shots, before they left the country last weekend.

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