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New era of island shipping

New era of island shipping

After a tragic past year, Taio Shipping is renewing its commitment to the people of the Pa Enua with a new ship twice the size of its predecessor. 

Providing ‘world-class’ mental health care

A quarter-million dollar research grant is expected to offer a breakthrough in Cook Islands mental health care.

Critically-ill teacher ‘one in a million’

Apii Te Uki Ou has announced a fundraiser this Friday, to support teachers Grace Archer and Theo Warrick.

Aitutaki women put a pin in it

There are big smiles and excitement all around: one woman jumped for joy at making a pin cushion; another was pleased to be able to put a zipper on a garment instead of elastic.

Cop v cop: Dispute over ‘incompetence’

Police prosecution files stalled on ‘overloaded’ officers’ desks.


One small step for a Mama


Brain tumour was a cause of reckless  motorist’s crashes


Rachel Reeves: From cyclones to coronavirus

Outer Islands

Air Raro plans its return to Pa Enua


Back to church, back to school – with distancing


Kelvin Passfield: Reef fish toxin affects animals too


A Sunday  without  church


Customs sends home 55% of its officers