Roadworks progress around Rarotonga

Roadworks progress around Rarotonga

If there is one good thing to come out of the Covid-19 crisis, it’s the ability to make progress on a number of infrastructure projects around Rarotonga while keeping workers in paid employment. 

Bars and nightclubs set to reopen

Bars and restaurants can remain open until 10pm, nightclubs expected to reopen this week, confirms police.

$76m phase two of Covid-19 Economic Response Plan

Continued financial lifelines for people and businesses and economic recovery and diversification are main points outlined as part of phase two of the government’s economic response plan. 

‘I would hate for a little child to be the next victim’

Wendy Tuara is calling for dog owners to take responsibility, after her pet cat was mauled to death.

‘I heard a loud bang and woke up’

Papa Teina Ataera Snr built his home 60 years ago for his new wife, the late Rangi Wichman. On Thursday afternoon, it burnt to the ground.


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