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Rakes, mowers, weed eaters and rubbish fires will be sparking into action this weekend in preparation for the tutaka inspection beginning on Monday, a health initiative started in the 1930s.

Keep abreast of your health

Tuesday July 09, 2019

Women don’t like talking about getting their breasts checked. It’s a taboo subject for some.

Banana crops around the world are facing collapse because of a devastating disease – so the Cooks have taken a step to safeguard the country’s colourful range of fruit.

The decision to chlorinate the water supply is a done deal, critics say, despite a public consultation process. 

 “I picked up a child for kindy at one time and the child looked like she was not cleaned the night before. She sat on the car seat, looking like she was not there. Food was hanging on her face.”

Counsellors say they are ready to help young people, regardless of their age, sexuality or psychological issues.

A doctor is calling for public vigilance as the numbers of dengue cases continue to rise.  Dr Teariki Noovao says though the virus has been under control, the country is not out of the woods yet.

Joining the 390 Million Club

Wednesday June 26, 2019

Derek Fox never saw the mosquito that bit him – but he is one of nearly 70 people thought to have contracted dengue fever in Rarotonga and Aitutaki this year. He tells his story.

Flu vaccines running low

Tuesday June 25, 2019

There aren’t enough flu vaccine doses in the country for the sick, elderly and vulnerable – but there were enough to give every MP a jab.

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