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A medical information service collecting health data across the Pacific is on its way to the Cook Islands.

The ministry of agriculture is awaiting the final outcome of a study of island chickens and their potential for use as a food source.

Doctor makes history

Thursday January 25, 2018

Dr Terrence Henry has returned to his home of Rarotonga after completing his formal postgraduate training in Fiji – and making history for the Cook Islands.

Chickenpox warning for island

Wednesday January 24, 2018

An outbreak of chickenpox on Rarotonga could pose a threat to schools as the new academic year gets underway.

Another ambulance for Rarotonga

Monday January 22, 2018

The Ministry of Health is looking to procure a new ambulance for the Rarotonga Hospital.

Relief doctors plan to return

Monday January 22, 2018

Relief doctors, who have been helping at Rarotonga hospital over the Christmas period are set to leave the island this month, but are planning to return here for good once they have completed their studies.

People who burn tyres and plastic are causing a health hazard and could face prosecution, the Cook Islands Health ministry has warned.

Despite growing concerns at outbreaks of dengue fever in some parts of the Pacific, the Cook Islands so far remains safe from the mosquito-borne disease.

Excellence prize for Health boss

Friday December 08, 2017

Departing Health secretary Elizabeth Iro was awarded the Leadership Excellence Award at the 2016-17 Cook Islands Public Service Excellence Awards on Wednesday.

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