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Sharing the BRUV

Saturday February 22, 2020

To this group of students, there is no separation between people and resources. For thousands of years, science has informed decisions about resource management – now the science is just a little different.

Policing our offshore jurisdiction

Saturday January 25, 2020

 We all know about Cook Islands’ offshore trusts industry – but there’s another offshore jurisdiction that’s less well-known. It’s the Ministry of Marine Resources offshore division, that oversees the waters of our exclusive economic zone and beyond.

From the vibrant warmth of our Cook Islands lagoons, to the clinical chill of the laboratory, a team of scientists work to ensure our waters are safe for tourists, locals, and most of all for the teeming life that calls them home. 

Glittering platforms

Saturday November 09, 2019

Cook Islands’ representative in Miss Jewel of the Pacific intends to use the pageant to raise awareness of this country’s plans to recriminalise homosexuality. Rachel Reeves talks with her.

Reflections off the sea

Saturday November 02, 2019

Voyaging isn’t glamorous. It can be wet, it can be arduous, it can be gross. Spending time on the Pacific on the nation’s sailing vaka, Rachel Reeves’ eyes are opened to the stamina and spirit of the people who settled these islands. They voyaged without power, without communications, without hope of rescue.

North islands run out of petrol

Saturday November 02, 2019

Northern Group islands are suffering shortages after detention of Taio Shipping boats. 

When marine scientists wanted to understand the decline of the paua, one of the country’s most culturally significant kai moana, then it made sense to go back to basics by diving from the Marumaru Atua.  Rachel Reeves joins the journey to Manuae and Takutea.

Puaikura and the wider Cook Islands community this week mourn the passing of Vereara Maeva-Taripo, a formidable public figure best known for her dedication to tivaevae, Cook Islands culture and music, and the development of a robust civil society.

Drug yacht’s new Cooks link

Wednesday October 02, 2019

A wrecked $1 billion drug yacht was owned by a Cook Islands-registered company, new investigations reveal.

It’s not an easy path to find love, especially when you’re getting on a bit.

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