Anneka Brown

Anneka Brown

Clean and green – for a period

Saturday August 03, 2019

All it takes is one person to have the confidence to break the ice, says Julia Evans.

One good turn deserves another

Saturday August 03, 2019

The St Joseph’s boy scouts are taking community work to the next level.

A mast-erplan

Saturday August 03, 2019

Construction company Raroweld has been commissioned to dismantle the Matavera Mast.

When Ali McQuarie and his friends realised just how crimes like burglary were impacting on their community, they decided it was time to step up – and badge up.

Bookwork June Hosking used to hate reading, now she’s opened a library. 

Opinions remain divided on Immigration’s bid to protect foreign workers from losing their superannuation savings.

Bluesky slashes data prices

Thursday August 01, 2019

The Cooks telco is getting ahead of the undersea cable and competition, massively increasing data allowances now – for those who sign up to a plan. 

Frustration over school closure

Wednesday July 31, 2019

The chairman of Takitumu School fears teachers and students may never be able to return to their classrooms after being forced to relocate after the weak and deteriorating 107-metre-high Matavera radio mast near its buildings threatened to fall apart.

Changes to protect foreign workers

Wednesday July 31, 2019

Foreign workers will soon have to sign a waiver to allow the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration to access their tax and superannuation information.

I remember trying to convince my mum to give me some money so I could buy a drink at the shop and she would say “Just drink water, it’s free.”

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