Melina Etches

Melina Etches

Varin wins Te Ata O Avaiki

Monday December 09, 2019

First time designers from Mangaia Leelee Tuara and Barbara Harry Pekepo were thrilled to win Te Ata o Avaiki creative design event that featured tapa on their garment named ‘Vari’.

Kids page: Teaching me good things’

Saturday December 07, 2019

Apii Takitumu students are writing poetry about what they love most – among them, the ocean, their mothers and, yes, their teachers.

God answers prayers for top students

Saturday December 07, 2019

Some of the country’s top primary students inspire their classmates with brave words at their school prize-giving ceremonies. 

The journey through school may look long for juniors, but it’s over before you know it – so embrace it. 

Eileen and Ashleigh Chaloner donated pumpkins to Vaka Marumaru Atua for its voyage to Aitutaki this morning – among the many wellwishers as the vaka sets out on its furthest voyage north since its fire.

Making coconut trees productive

Wednesday December 04, 2019

Unproductive and senile coconut trees will be replaced on Rarotonga and the Pa Enua with newer more productive varieties that will be of more benefit for current and prospective farmers.

Disability council seeks inclusivity

Wednesday December 04, 2019

The government has been urged to include people with disability in making decisions that may impact their lives. 

Record numbers hit the courts

Tuesday December 03, 2019

The annual Netball in Paradise will wrap up today with the finals and prize giving at Arorangi courts. 

Bishop Paul Donoghue and Father Fred Kaina lead the procession for Father Damian Marinus through Avarua towards the burial ground at the old cathedral at Nukutere College.

Te Ata o Avaiki fashion show

Saturday November 30, 2019

The Mangaia Enua masterpiece titled ‘Vari’ has won the first Te Ata o Avaiki creativity in clothing design award.

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