Raising the profile of nurses

Saturday July 20, 2019 Written by Published in Health
From left: President Nga Manea, WHO CNO Elizabeth Iro, ICN President Annette Kennedy, Vice President Teio. From left: President Nga Manea, WHO CNO Elizabeth Iro, ICN President Annette Kennedy, Vice President Teio.

The importance of raising the profiles of nurses and recognising their efforts in the community and the nation is important.


Cook Islands Nurses Association president Ngatamariki Manea said this was one of the major topics discussed at the International Council of Nurses Congress in Singapore.

“It is important that government invests a lot in nursing, for the community to recognise the good work nurses are providing 24 hours as nurses are change agents,” Manea said.

She said nurses’ make a difference to the health of an individual and to the economy.

“Nurses deserved to be well looked after.”

There is a demand to nurses’ roles to contribute in achieving the United Health Care for all, the United National Sustainable Development Goal, Manea said.

Therefore she added it is compulsory for the nurses to enhance their capacity and to well equip themselves to be able to address these demands.

Manea said Health minister Rose Toki-Brown and the top executives in the ministry have developed new initiatives to work along with the nursing diasporas outside the region.

Manea also said the conference was a great opportunity for the Cook Islands Nurses Association to strengthen their partnership with other nursing associations.

“We were so proud and very impressed with our own Elizabeth Iro, former secretary of health, a nurse, colleague, and a Cook Islander, in her leadership as the World Health Organisation chief nursing officer.”

She said Iro is a strong advocator for nurses in the world and a role model.

At the congress, Iro urged nurses to have their voices heard.

“Take your chair to the table. Be a part of decision-making within your country,” Iro said.

The International Council of Nurses has been working closely with Iro across a wide range of global and health priorities to ensure that nursing informs and influences the work of the World Health Organisation.

Meanwhile the Taiwan Nurses Association will sponsor two Cook Islands nurses’ delegates to attend the next congress meeting in 2021 in Abu Dhabi hosted by the Emirates Nurses Association.

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