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Friday September 21, 2018 Written by Published in Health

Health to get $1.4m in 2018/19 budget


The health ministry will get an increase of about $1.4 million in the budget which will be tabled in Parliament today.

Finance minister Mark Brown said the ministry had received an increased budget every year for the last five years.

The increase will be timely for the ministry, which in the past had complained of being underfunded.

One of the main initiatives that will be announced by Brown in parliament today is the increase in the age for the child benefit.

“We are doing it in two steps. In this budget, we will increase the child benefit collection age to 14 years and in next year’s budget, we will push it up to 16 years,” Brown said.

“We also have a number capital items we are looking to prioritise this year and key one of them is the cyclone shelters for smaller northern island groups, Nassau, Rakahanga and also the two motus in Penrhyn – Te Tautua and Omoka.

“There have been concerns raised about wages for police force and Ministry of Justice and last year there were increases in salaries of those particular ministries. So a number of things we are looking at this year’s budget (are really a) continuation of what we had before the elections were called.”

Brown said the initiatives in this year’s budget were part of the CIP’s manifesto and election campaign. 

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