For now, Cook Islands’ border will remain open for weekly Friday flight, unless the Covid-19 situation in New Zealand gets worse. 

Taking health to the village

Saturday August 08, 2020

In one respect, Covid-19 has been a good thing because it has sped the creation of 10 district health clinics. 

Setback for government hopes to salvage Cook Islands economy, as traditional leaders say no to tourists. 

Auckland International Airport will be ready to operate a travel bubble between New Zealand and Cook Islands by August 17, if given the go-ahead.

Health ministry Te Marae Ora is on high alert after confirming the tentative diagnosis of dengue fever cases on Pukapuka and Aitutaki – despite extensive attempts to protect the outer islands from the mosquito-borne disease.

Pukapuka locals are being vigilant to ensure they have no dengue cases, says the Island Administration, and insists a reported case was a false alarm.

CookSafe card is voluntary, a chance to help ‘keep our little paradise safe’.

The health system is as prepared as it will ever be for the borders to reopen. Now, it’s the faltering economy that poses the greater risk.

Cook Islands remains one of the few places without a coronavirus case, but Health ministry says the virus could have been here.

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