First Aiders are go!

Saturday September 14, 2019

Yesterday was Clean Up the Cook Islands Day; today is World First Aid day. So tomorrow may have to be the day of rest!

Tap and go for water

Friday September 13, 2019

The new water authority is almost ready to switch on the new intakes and begin treating Rarotonga’s water – but for a court bid to bar chemicals from the water catchments.

35 deaths spark call to action

Wednesday September 11, 2019

There is one young girl that Mereana Taikoko always remembers: the girl was bullied in school and teetering on the edge of suicide.

Tourism boss: Fight fat with tax

Wednesday September 11, 2019

He’s one of the Cooks’ biggest resort owners; now Tata Crocombe has put his weight behind health experts’ calls for a “junk food tax” to shrink the country’s waistlines.

Scientists’ call: Tax junk food

Monday September 09, 2019

All sugary, fatty and salty foods should be taxed, says study. Jonathan Milne and Gray Clapham report.

Scientists are urging policy makers to “seriously consider” introducing a broad junk food tax to help curb the obesity epidemic.

Health officials charged with preventing a measles outbreak say they are “expecting the worst”.

Why Stella is no chicken

Thursday August 29, 2019

Young Cook Islander Stella Marsters says becoming vegetarians might save Cook Islanders from their obesity epidemic.

Dr Aumea on island rescue mission

Thursday August 29, 2019

The Secretary of Health is flying to Mangaia to investigate concerns – as news emerges of an injured papa who had to pay for his own medical evacuation.

Data shows dirty water at stations

Tuesday August 27, 2019

Two of Rarotonga’s most notorious drinking water stations have cleaned up – but the remaining four continue to have high contamination levels.

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