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The Ministry of Marine Resources has acknowledged the concerns raised regarding drifting Fish Aggregation Devices in a recent CINews article supplied by Te Ipukarea Society, saying they are “aware of the problem”.

Suwarrow: Romantic no more

Monday July 02, 2018

Way back in 1890, Suwarrow was described as the “most romantic island in the world” by Robert Louis Stevenson’s wife Fanny after the Stevenson family visited the island. From a distance, even today, you can get a feeling of why she thought so.

The Cook Islands joined other countries this week at a special meeting in The Netherlands in supporting a UK-led proposal to strengthen a global ban on chemical weapons.

Dealing with a stream of rubbish left behind by local residents using the Social Centre beach in Nikao has become a never-ending battle for the WATSAN team.

Climate meeting airs key issues

Thursday June 28, 2018

The Climate Change Cook Islands quarterly platform meeting earlier this week resulted in some interesting discussion around the climate change policy and other issues.

Rain gauge upgrade completed

Thursday June 28, 2018

WATSAN Cook Islands has successfully upgraded its Te Kou rain gauge to a remote telemetry system using local cellular network and satellite to automatically transfer real time data to Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI) via the internet.

Police display an expo highlight

Thursday June 28, 2018

The Cook Islands Police Maritime Division celebrated the “Day of the Seafarer” by taking part in the successful Maritime Careers Expo at Avatiu harbour on Monday this week.

Burial grounds ‘rubbished’

Thursday June 28, 2018

Rarotonga’s public burial grounds have become some of the island’s most “rubbished” places, Te Ipukarea Society has revealed.

Earlier this month, a number of Pacific Island protected area managers gathered in Samoa for the Inception Workshop of the BIOPAMA (Biodiversity And Protected Area Management Programme) Phase Two. Liam Kokaua from Te Ipukarea Society was fortunate to be able to attend this meeting, alongside Elizabeth Munro (National Environment Service) and Kevin Iro (Marae Moana).

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