Ship safety course aims to save lives

Friday September 07, 2018

One man was down and being resuscitated when the captain of the Layar Mas 291 made the “abandon ship” call, due to an out-of-control fire in two containers.

Last subsidised voyage for Taio

Thursday September 06, 2018

The Taio Shipping vessel Lady Moana is on the last of the company’s five northern-island voyages scheduled for this year under the government-funded shipping subsidy.

Refrigeration meeting topic

Wednesday September 05, 2018

The National Environment Service (NES) is running a week-long workshop on “good practices in refrigeration”.

The Cook Islands Tourism Industry Council Accreditation scheme plans to strengthen water safety standards for all members who offer water-based activities.

Taking a stand against plastic litter

Tuesday September 04, 2018

With up to 13 million tonnes of plastic leaking into the ocean annually, to be ingested by sea life and birds, and then through the food chain, by man, more needs to be done about the problem of plastic litter, says Te Ara Cook Islands Museum of Cultural Enterprise director Stan Wolfgramm.

Palau can teach us some lessons

Saturday September 01, 2018

The Ipukarea Society is implementing a Global Environment Facility, Small Grants Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change project in the Cook Islands, Tokelau, and Niue. 

Call for action on water safety

Saturday September 01, 2018

The Cook Islands Tourism Corporation has called an urgent meetings to discuss water safety guidelines and an improvement in the handling of visitor safety.

To deal with a recent case of chicken pox on the island Pa Teuraa mixed up a blend of noni leaves, chilli and cider vinegar. 

Lagoon check results out soon

Thursday August 30, 2018

The Mei Te Vai Ki Te Vai project will release full results of its environmental investigations in September, the latest project management news update says.

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