The problem with plastic

Monday July 06, 2020

In an effort to reduce the use of a range of plastics on Rarotonga, Te Ipukarea Society is calling for everyone to play their part and participate in Plastic Free July. 

OPINION: It is easy to feel jaded fighting plastic pollution.

Lagoons pristine, streams stagnant

Wednesday July 01, 2020

Ministry of Marine Resources says half of Rarotonga’s streams are dried up or stagnant.

OPINION: Changes to the Seabed Minerals regime should not be passed without further scrutiny.

OPINION: The Seabed Minerals Authority consultation was led by Deputy Prime Minister Mark Brown, Commissioner Alex Herman and Seabed Minerals Advisor Chris Brown.

Pacific churches voice opposition to seabed mining.

Much of Te Ipukarea Society’s work is raising awareness about conservation and sustainable environmental practices.

Concern that seabed mining law change puts national interest ahead of public interest.

Seabed mining is ‘greener’

Thursday June 18, 2020

Cook Islands says its plans to mine the ocean floor to “harvest” polymetallic nodules are the world’s greenest option.

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