‘I’d like to be under the sea’

Friday December 06, 2019 Written by Published in Environment
Anna Glassie (right) with Rima Browne. Anna Glassie (right) with Rima Browne.

One more lucky Cook Islander is being invited to join the voyage of a lifetime, a research survey of the Cook Islands Exclusive Economic Zone next week.


Seabed Minerals Commissioner Paul Lynch is seeking a volunteer for the last remaining position in the crew. The local vessel MV Grinna II, a former research vessel from Norway, newly-acquired and now operated by Taio Shipping will be used again.

Anna Glassie from the Seabed Minerals Authority will be on the trip. She said the opportunity gave Cook Islanders the opportunity to see what happens on board and to understand what takes place at sea.

This is the second Cook Islands-led expedition. Participants including staff from the National Environment Service, Ministry of Mineral Resources, Seabed Minerals Authority and Cook Islands Investment Corporation and Te Ipukarea Society will be heading to Aitutaki – a reserved block.

Lynch said the experience of a lifetime would give one a chance for a hands-onboard research work opportunity, 12 hour shifts, great food, conditions and good company.

The research expedition was similar to the undersea exploration that took place around September.

This research expedition would include some biological sampling where they would also be collecting limited deep seabed nodules.

Lynch added that the Seabed Minerals related Research Application has been approved by the Cook Islands Research Committee.

The aim is to collect and examine small samples of polymetallic nodules for composition and geochemical analyses using low impact collection equipment.

In the last research expedition, four Cook Islanders were part of the research team, for the first time since the 1980’s to be part of the deep sea research activity.

The team intends to depart Rarotonga on December 11 and return on the 20th.

 If you are interested, you must contact the Seabed Minerals Authority today.

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