E-waste collection ends in two weeks

Saturday May 18, 2019 Written by Published in Environment
There are five containers of e-waste sitting on Avarua wharf waiting to be shipped to New Zealand. There are five containers of e-waste sitting on Avarua wharf waiting to be shipped to New Zealand.

E-waste collections are not done annually and the general public is urged to take their final e-waste materials to the Cook Islands General Transport (CIGT) in the next two weeks.


CIGT’s Jessie Sword says they have envisaged that up to 50 tonnes of electronic waste will be exported off the island by the time of the expiration of this e-waste drive.

Sword said currently they have five containers sitting on the wharf waiting to be shipped to New Zealand and another three containers sitting at the CITG yard waiting to be filled for the next vessel.

She said the current May Mayhew Initiative was started due to funding becoming available through National Environment Services (NES).

She said this was also possible through of public interest in removing the stockpile of electronic components from their homes and premises.

“The general public and business have been very supportive of the initiative and we are very encouraged by the support shown to date,” Sword said.

She said they have seen a number of happy faces in many who now saw the available spaces in their homes and compounds after the disposal of all these recyclable items.

“It is great, people coming on board and doing the right thing for our environment and it can only get better. People learn by example, so am very happy with the outcome to date.”

She said the public only has two weeks to rid themselves of their old electronic components.

“Please bring them in or call CIGT for collection, a fee applies for pickups. Commercial e-waste has a fee applicable. If you wish to learn more please call the CIGT office on 24441 for further info.

“Time is running out so get off the couch and get these items to our yard before the end of the month. It is uncertain when the next drive will be.”

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