EOC opens at Tupapa Centre

Monday March 18, 2019 Written by Published in Environment

The Tupapa Maraerenga Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is prepared to manage and coordinate procedures in the event of a disaster, with the opening of its control base last Thursday.


Chairman of the district’s Disaster Risk Management (DRM) committee, Phillip Strickland, said the facility will be activated and used for emergency operations, preparations and response.

Contractors Keta Williams and village volunteers started on the building renovations located inside the back of the Tupapa Centre four months ago.

Strickland coordinated the project with Emergency Management Cook Islands’ (EMCI) Lydia Sijp.

This is the third EOC structure established on the island, the two other offices are situated at the Titikaveka Fire Station and the Pokoinu Hall in Nikao.

Rarotonga has ten DRM committees, and each of the Pa Enua islands also have a designated team.

Strickland would like to thank the sponsor Building Safety and Resilience in the Pacific Project (BSRP) in partnership with EMCI, and acknowledges the positive response from the community, village leaders, and the Tupapa Maraerenga committee.

EMCI is the assigned government division charged with ensuring the maintenance of the country’s DRM plan, it is the coordination office to manage crisis prevention, response and recovery; with the role to strengthen our nations strength to the threats of disasters and climate change.

The Cook Islands National Disaster Risk Management Plan was approved by the National Disaster Risk Management Council in 2017.  

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