Te Mato Vai live work sites off limits to public

Monday August 20, 2018 Written by Published in Environment

Te Mato Vai (TMV) work sites, including access roads leading up to the current ‘live’ work sites at Turangi, Avana, Matavera, Avatiu, Tupapa and Papua, are off limits to the general public for health and safety reasons.

Recently the Te Mato Vai Project Management Unit (PMU) has noticed members of the public are putting themselves in danger by visiting the construction sites on the weekend and after work hours.

Recreational walkers, runners, motorbike riders and mountain bikers entering the area are all at serious risk of harm from construction-related hazards.

Public safety is a priority for both the PMU and McConnell Dowell.

This is why access to TMV work sites is restricted to authorised construction personnel, landowners, and residents living nearby.

The PMU has also been engaging with tourist operators regarding the restricted use of access roads and will continue to do so during construction.

Turangi, Avana, Tupapa and Matavera are ‘live’ construction sites, and the upgrading of trunk mains at the Avatiu, Papua and Avana intake sites is also currently underway.

There are many hazards leading up to and at the construction site, including moving heavy machinery, roadworks and earthworks, as well as uneven ground and potential slips due to recent heavy rain.

McConnell Dowell is required to do everything practical to make the construction sites safe during and after working hours.

There are strict New Zealand health and safety processes in place for access to and on the construction site, managed by McConnell Dowell staff.

When required, McConnell Dowell site personnel will help landowners and residents using the access roads get to their property safely.

Public access is restricted for the duration of the construction for each intake site. The work sites are marked out with barriers, and therefore the public are requested to keep clear of these work sites at all times.

Temporary gates are going to be installed to close the construction sites outside of normal working hours.

Construction is expected to be complete at Turangi by the end of February 2019, at Matavera by the end of March 2019, and at Avana in May 2019.


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