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Fishing with Geoff Thomas

Wednesday August 28, 2013 Written by Published in Environment

A well-known name in the world of fishing was in the Cook Islands to film a segment for his television series this week.

Geoff Thomas is the face of the show ‘Outdoors with Geoff’. The series is shown on TV3 in New Zealand and involves Thomas going from one place to another, filming in the great outdoors.

Thomas is an expert in game fishing and his 6am wake-up call on Monday earned him and his friends five strikes all at onceresulting in a total of eight fish weighing in at six to eight kilogrammes each.

The group fished with the crew of the Marlin Queen.

One of the people accompanying Thomas on his visit was Jack Green, a sixteen year old who caught his very first mahi mahi on Monday.

For Thomas, while the weather could have made conditions less choppy for the sea farers, conditions for fishing were great.

“Choppy waters bring the fish out,” he said.

The last time Thomas was here was seven years ago when he went fishing with Akura and his experience was good enough to bring him back.

“It is great to be back and I have got six of my mates with me this time, so they get to enjoy the fishing as well.”

The last time Thomas visited, he came to try fly fishing to catch a bonefish, but sadly this has not yet happened – although he lives in hope.

“I’m still a bonefish virgin and I’m hoping to catch a bonefish in Aitutaki,” he says.

Bonefish have a reputation as one of the best fighting fish in the sea, and are not often caught in the Pacific. However, Aitutaki’s lagoon is one place where fishermen can target the species and Thomas said he was looking forward to trying his luck there.

Thomas left Rarotonga on Tuesday after his trip to Aitutaki.

“People from all around America will pay to come here and fish for bonefish,” he said.

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