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OPINION: This interview was conducted with a wandering tattler, also known locally as a kuriri. Te Ipukarea Society's Alanna Smith bumped into this beachcomber last week, holidaying on Motu Taakoka.  He was about to depart for Alaska, oblivious to the current Covid-19 concerns and the havoc this was causing.

Return to the blue lagoon

Saturday March 28, 2020

There’s an unexpected casualty of the Covid-19 travel ban: Ponu the miracle turtle is stranded too. 

Ponu the turtle will not be released until the Covid-19 pandemic measures in Rarotonga have ended.

Howard Henry says we are building a rod for our own backs with intensive development causing coastal erosion – making us ever more vulnerable to storms.

From world stage - to tiny Ma'uke

Tuesday January 07, 2020

From Kuala Lumpur with President Barack Obama, to Ma’uke with her family, environmental leader Jackie Rongo has certainly been getting around lately.

Cook Island’s Conservation group, Te Ipukarea Society is urging families to rethink their consumption of plastic products over the summer period.

Cooks at risk from disasters

Monday November 11, 2019

Cook Islands ranks among the world’s worst affected in terms of casualties and people impacted by disasters, the European Commission says. It names Cook Islands as one of the badly-affected Pacific nations.

There is a growing demand from consumers in the Cook Islands for businesses to be more environmentally friendly. 

Where do the turtles come from?

Saturday November 09, 2019

Drive for new research to better understand endangered sea turtles, reports Anneka Brown.

The new industrial glass crusher was damaged in its first run thanks to negligence at a Rarotonga resort.

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