Members of the public are invited to attend the launch of the Seabed Minerals Authority licensing process for exploration research in Cook Islands’ waters on Thursday morning.

OPINION: Deep seabed mining could cause irreversible harm to our oceans, from the seafloor to the surface and the midwater columns in between.

Pacific island states are looking at legal options to ensure their borders are protected as sea levels rise and land comes under threat due to climate change. 

Marine scientist Dr Teina Rongo explains why spearfishing competition especially at this time was not a good idea.

OPINION: Te Ipukarea Society has for many years been advocating for an alternative, more natural approach to coastal protection from the rock boulder walls commonly used here. 

OPINION: The Cook Islands has an obligation to contribute to the protection of the common heritage of humankind.

A seabed minerals advisory committee has been established to provide community perspectives to the Government on the development of the seabed minerals sector.

OPINION: The fight against plastic is far from over and as always, Te Ipukarea Society is coming out swinging.

The need to remove the crown of thorns starfish or taramea as soon as possible is crucial, says Kōrero o te 'Ōrau.

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