Melina Etches

Melina Etches

On Aitutaki, the students of Araura College are creating incisive artworks from blocks of wood.

‘Feeling Te Maeva Nui vibe’

Saturday July 13, 2019

Young dancers are rehearsing late into night as excitement builds ahead of the country’s biggest annual cultural event, Te Maeva Nui festival.

Language renaissance would feature Maori name to replace “Kuki Airani”.

The difference could barely be more stark: from the tropical atolls of the Cook Islands, to the Great Lakes on the border of Canada and the US, that ice over in winter.

The two-masted Marconi rigged schooner Argo has stopped by in Rarotonga with 17 students from the US and a crew of seven.

The final straw

Thursday July 11, 2019

Trader Jack’s was the first bar on the island to ban plastic straws, two years ago.

Radio Cook Islands has criticised the decision to demolish the 107-metre Matavera AM radio mast, leaving the outer islands with no secure communications with the outside world.

Andrea McNabb was the first Royal New Zealand Air Force recruit to pass every phase test with 100 per cent – a record she still holds today.

Chlorination is the “only way” to keep Rarotonga’s water pipes safe and clean, say two experts.

Dear Editor,

The 45 per cent pay raise? I agree with the 2.5 per cent per year – from the year an MP was elected.

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