Theological College under scrutiny after complaint

Thursday June 18, 2020 Written by Published in Education

Trainee minister accused of impropriety.

Takamoa Theological College has thrown out a student who was accused of inappropriate behaviour around girls.

Concerns have been raised about the college’s failure to refer the matter to police for further investigation, but church leaders say that was not warranted.

Takamoa College, in Avarua. 20061714

College principal Reverend Tere Marsters said the matter was dealt internally by the Cook Islands Christian Church executive committee.

The church’s general secretary Nga Mataio said anyone with concerns should contact him directly for further information. The allegations did not warrant further investigation, he said.

Takamoa Theological College students stay with their families in the units spread over the college property.

Sources said although there was not much evidence against the theological student, he was thrown out last year because there were too many people talking about his behaviour.

Marsters said all cases involving the running and administration of the college were being dealt with by the Cook Islands Christian Church executive committee.

Takamoa Theological College is the second oldest institution in the Pacific region, which was established in the year 1839.

Ever since its establishment, the college had offered the opportunity mainly for locals to pursue theological studies in its various academic and professional programmes.

More than a thousand pastors, church leaders and evangelists have been educated at Takamoa, and “they were sent throughout the Pacific region to evangelise to those who were lost in heathenism”, Marsters says in a message on the College website.

“Today, after many years of its existence, Takamoa Theological College continues to educate future church leaders,” he says.

“The contents and quality of the education while remaining basically Christian has been reappraised and revamped to suit the needs of the people in any age where the Gospel message is being challenged.”

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