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Sunday December 15, 2019 Written by Published in Education
Apii Tematangarengare students of Mitiaro with their trophies. 19121325 Apii Tematangarengare students of Mitiaro with their trophies. 19121325

Relieved teachers and students are now into the December school holidays leading up to Christmas.


Schools on Rarotonga and the Pa Enua have completed their parent’s day and prize-giving events, and are looking forward to a well-deserved break.

Today, we report from the prize-giving wards for Araura College on Aitutaki, Apii Tukao on Manihiki in the far north, and Apii Tematangarengare on eastern-most Mitiaro.

Apii Napa, principal of Apii Tukao, says it has been another overwhelming and productive year at Tukao school.

She acknowledges her colleague Anna Rauru, principal of Ruamanu school, her staff and students for their great working relationship: “although we have two separate schools, we are but one people and one island”.

She is thankful of the support and sponsorship by Bank of the Cook Islands, the telecommunications network group Bluesky and CITC Corporation, “meitaki korereka for sponsoring our prizes and for still recognizing us up here in the North, for not forgetting we are here”.

Napa acknowledges their local family sponsors – Sam and Nitika Karaponga and the Makira family; Marine Resources, Ministry of Health and Cook Islands Police Services, “for supporting us in terms of our science programme, health programme and guidance”.

Mitiaro’s Tematangarengare School principal Chris Story says  Geof Wood, the teacher of ‘Over the Back Fence Online’ sessions along with students of Rosmini College in Auckland have been fantastic support for the school.

To the teachers, “you have maintained the profession by showing total dedication, where ever there is a need for improvement you are always there, to the committee, thank you so much for rendering your continuous support”.

Prizegiving day is not possible without the families and businesses who continue to donate prizes for the school and the students, he says.

Story conveys holiday wishes to the students, “you are the jewel of the island and you have worked so hard this year, I salute you all from the bottom of my heart, Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone”.

“Meitaki ranuinui,” he adds. “Kia akararangi mai te Atua ia kotou katoatoa e kia manuia kotou i ta kotou Kiritimiti e te mataiti ou.”


Le Bon Vivant in Muri will host a Christmas holiday programme for children on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week, from 1pm to 4pm at their premises in Muri.

Activities include baking and decorating Christmas cookies, making cards tree ornaments, paint draw and create. There are limited spaces each day for a fee of $25, and kids under the age of 6 require a parent helper. Light refreshments and snacks will be provided.

Children, have a wonderful relaxing Christmas holiday, remember to do your chores and help Mum and Dad. Be kind to your siblings and friends.



Aitutaki’s Araura College awards.

Dux of Araura college – Ngatuaine Terekia, runner up Dux – Iripa Maeva, second runner up Dux – Nakkita Tuaiti.

Level 3 Perseverance award – Pativai Ngatuakana and Tuakana Junior Charlie. Virtues Humility award – Tuakana Junior Charlie, Virtues Reliability award – Pativai Ngatuakana, Most Industrious and Courteous student – Pativai Ngatuakana, Most Promising Future Leader – Pativai Ngatuakana, Best and Well Mannered student – Dalycynare Kirite, Outstanding Effort in NCEA Level 1 – Teremoana Maramatoa, Overall Senior sports person – Kuramaeva Tare, Overall Junior sports person – Ashlee Armstrong.

Year 8: 1st Nazim Khan, 2nd Esther David, 3rd Alice Marsters. Year 9: 1st Nivar Rouru, 2nd Teariki-mana Vaa Taputoa, 3rd Akatapu Sabatano. Year 10: 1st Moana David, 2nd Rico Tawhiri Saunders, 3rd Tofa Makayna Marsters. Year 11; 1st Dalcynare Kirite, 2nd Mya Vaa Taputoa, 3rd Ngatapu E Varu Ioane.

Manihiki’s Apii Tukao Prize Giving results

Overall Academic Students for each level: Year 1 - Athanasio Karaponga, Year 2 - Keziah Grace Johnson, Year 3 - Muriel Karaponga, Year 5 - Ngatokorima Umurua, Year 6 - Giana Karaponga, Year 8  - Koteka Makira, Year 9  - Travel Tarau.

Mitiaro’s  Tematangarengare school prize giving results.

Primary New Entrants - Damien Rouru.

Grade 1: Tuakana Tararo – 1st, Roseana Tara – 2nd, Trey Kae – 3rd.

Grade 2: Kurake Murare – 1st, Senia Pouao – 2nd, Tanea Vailoa – 3rd.

Grade 3:  Makiroa Patia – 1st,  Inano Rouru – 2nd, Joanna Tara – 3rd.

Grade 4: Agnes Pouao  - 1st,  Metuavaine – 2nd.

Grade 5: Justin Ngatokorua – 1st,  Mareva Pierre – 2nd, Maiata Tuakeu  - 3rd.

Grade 6: Vincent Tua – 1st,  Miimetua Aurupa  - 2nd,  Arerangi Kimiora – 3rd.

Special Needs Inclusive Education prize – Solomona Nootai.

Secondary school. Year 7 (Form 1) Jan Marie Taia – 1st,  Tangatamotu Kave Taae – 2nd,  Tereva Murare – 3rd equal with  Teau Patira.

Year 8 (Form 2): Trinity  Tuakeu – 1st.

Year 9 (form 3): Teii-a-rangi Ngametua – 1st.

Year 11 (Form 5): Athena Murare – 1st and Dux of the school 2019. Nicole Kimiora – 2nd,                  Teei Mateariki – 3rd.


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