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Titikaveka college 2019 Dux Tutai Kino. 19121206. Titikaveka college 2019 Dux Tutai Kino. 19121206.

Parents, families and flowers fill Titikaveka and Imanuela Akatemia prizegivings. 


Tutai Kino say she is honoured to have received the Titikaveka college Dux award.

“It has been quite challenging.” she says quietly. “Well, it comes down to putting the work in.”

Her advice to other students coming through? “Don’t procrastinate, just get into it and ask for help if needed.”

Titikaveka principal Vae Unuka is encouraging parents in the community to enrol their children at the college, in the hope of increasing the small secondary school’s roll next year.

“We have teachers who are committed to providing opportunities for their learning.”

“To those year 11 students moving on to Tereora College, my best wishes to all of you for 2020, have a safe and enjoyable festive season.”

At the Imanuela Akatemia prize giving awards, Shedrack Chand took the top honours, receiving the Senior General Excellence award.

Chand, a year 12 student said it felt good. “I’ve been working hard at school, it’s my priority.”

He encouraged other students to study hard. “It doesn’t matter what people think of you, move forward, listen to good advice and persevere.”

The Are Pua Gateway church at Takuvaine hosted the prize giving event, with parents, families and flowers for the students filling the hall.


Titikaveka College 2019 Senior awards list.

Year 7. Third in class - Rupe Mokoroa, Most Improved Science, 2nd Maths, 2nd Social Science, 2nd Food Technology, 1st Physical Education. Second in class - Sara Ben-Marsters, Most improved Social Science, 3rd Maths, 3rd Physical Education, 3rd ICT, 2nd Science, 2nd Wood Work, 1st Maori, 1st Food Technology. First in class - Kimiora Vogel, Most improved Maori and PE, 3rd Wood Work, 1st Textiles, 1st ICT, 1st Visual Arts, 1st Social Science, 1st Science, 1st Maths.           

Year 8. Third in class - Marisa Mana, Most Improved English and Maths, 3rd  PE, 3rd Wood Work, 3rd Social Science, 2nd Maori, 2nd ICT, 1st Textiles. Second in class - Noah Albert, 3rd  Food Technology      , 3rd Science, 3rd Maths, 2nd Wood Work, 1st Physical Education, 1st English. First in class - Ewena Lenoir, Most Improved Maori and Visual Arts, 2nd English, 1st Food Technology, 1st Social Science, 1st Science, 1st Maths.

Year 9. Second Equal in class - Malachy Whiting-Glassie, 3rd Science, 2nd Wood Work, 2nd Food Technology, 2nd Maths, 1st ICT. Second Equal in class - Matamaru Tekoronga, 2nd Textiles, 2nd ICT, 1st Science, 1st Maths. First in class - Charles Tetevano, 3rd ICT, 3rd Maths, 1st equal Science, 1st Food Technology, 1st Textiles, 1st Physical Education, 1st Wood Work, 1st Social Science, 1st Maori.  

Year 10. Third in class - Baila Moana Tua Most improved PE, 3rd equal Maori, 3rd equal Science, 3rd Physical Education, 2nd Maths. Second in class - Nukumaeaea Mokoroa Most improved Maori, 3rd Social Science, 2nd Food Technology, 2nd Textiles, 2nd Wood Work, 2nd Science, 1st Physical Education. First in class -Edward Matenga Most Improved Graphics, 3rd equal Maori, 1st Food Technology, 1st Textiles, 1st Social Science, 1st Science, 1st Maths.     

Year 11. Most Improved Maori - Beau Brady, Most Improved Science and Geography - Heremoana Akarare, 3rd Maori 3rd Digital and Visual Communication - Seth Mason, 3rd Maths - Tanara Tua, Most Improved Science and DVC - Teivitu Katuke, Most Improved Maths - Tereapii Matamaki, 1st  Hospitality.

Second Runner Up Dux -Joe Emmanuela , 3rd English, 3rd Science, 3rd Geography, 2nd Maori.Runner Up Dux - Kaimananui Daniel 3rd  Hospitality, 2nd Geography, 2nd Science, 2nd Maths, 2nd English, 1st Digital and Visual Communication.

Dux 2019 - Tutai Kino 2nd Digital and Visual Communication, 2nd Hospitality, 1st Geography, 1st Science, 1st Maths, 1st English, 1st Cook Islands Maori. She also received the Umeia Te Marokura award/Overall Outstanding student. An outstanding student who displayed distinctive leadership, meritorious service in the school, exceptional involvement in sports, cultural and extra-curricular activities. 

Apii Imanuela Akatemia 2019 awards list.                        

Gold Star award. Gene De Beer - Senior, Stella Atera - Intermediate, Meherio Charlie -  Primary, Solange Jubilee - ABC.

NZ ACE  Level 1 certificate Tevai Samuel - Senior.

Maori Language awards: Primary Years 2 – 6 Mata Manea, Intermediate Year 7- 8 Gemmuel Untalasco, Secondary Year 9 – 13 Kimberly Tangirere.             

Tupuranga Kuki Airani award - Highly Commended Tevai Samuel, Tupuranga Kuki Airani award -Gemmuel Untalasco.

Special awards. Most Promising in Visual Arts - Samuel Ritova, Most Promising  Musician - Twina Tangirere, Best in Creative Writing and Speech - Kimberly Tangirere, Best in Health - Hanalei Laurie.

Sportsman of the Year - William Rani, Sportswoman of the Year - Hanna Finau. Interhouse sports award – Gideon.

Most Improved Students. Pre-Reading - Mariri Tepou, ABC - Rosina Rani, Primary - Tanu Apa-Short, Intermediate - Gemmuel Untalasco, Senior - Twina Tangirerere.

Christian character awards. Pre-Reading - Hoshana Tolosa, ABC - Joape Ravula, Primary - Hanalei Laurie, Intermediate - Hanna Finau, Senior - Tehinnah Tatuava.

Most Outstanding student awards. Pre-Reading Highly Commended - Usaia Ravula and Te Oe O'Brien, Most Outstanding student Pre-Reading - Benjamin Mateariki, ABC – Highly Commended - Pare Tearo, ABC - Yelayna Ponga.

General Excellence awards. Primary - Juhani Kauvai-Mustonen, Intermediate - Mata Manea, Senior - Shedrack Chand.



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