Kids taught self-respect

Wednesday August 28, 2019 Written by Published in Education
Children push play on the football field in Papaaroa. 19082712 Children push play on the football field in Papaaroa. 19082712

Fuel your Future was the theme of last week’s village festival in Papaaroa where children discussed different ways of building a better future.


The options they talked about? A balance of healthier choices in foods and drinks, and the importance of church, physical activity and being respectful to themselves and others

The themes are all taught through the Just Play programme in schools, communities and festivals.

Just Play’s manager Michelle Paiti says it is important that children grasp an understanding of the importance of these social messages, for themselves and for their futures.

“As we all strive for a brighter future it starts with us, so teaching children good habits from a young age will help give them the tools to improve their lives and those around them for a much brighter future,” she says.

Fuel your future, she tells the kids. Eat well, drink right, be physically active, always treat people the way you would like to be treated, and respect yourself for a brighter future.

Cook Islands Football, with its Just Play programme, would like to acknowledge and thank all its local partners along with the New Zealand Government, Australian Government, UEFA Foundation for Children and UNICEF, who fully fund Just Play in schools and communities.

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