Cultural learning for a new generation

Tuesday April 30, 2019 Written by Published in Education
All smiles at the culture fun day. 19042924 All smiles at the culture fun day. 19042924

The Avana Sunday School meeting house hosted almost 120 children yesterday morning for the cultural learning programme, Atui’anga ki te Tango, run by organisations, Korero o te Orau and Manava Ora o te Ivi Maori.


The activities this week are centred around fishing, harvesting, and teaching the children about sustainability and the use of natural resources. Children aged six to 16 were split into eight groups and took part in weaving, coconut husking and making fishing rods and stilts from local wood and bamboo.

The community has had the opportunity to get involved and pass on their cultural knowledge for the future generation through the programme.

One of the organisers, Tepaeru Herrmann, said: “The programme is coordinated with two groups, Korero o te Orau under Teina and Jackie Rongo and Manava Ora te Ivi Maori with Jackie Tuara.”

She added: “Manava Ora te Ivi Maori focuses on Cook Islands language and culture preservation and cultivation while Korero o te Orau focuses on the environment and marine conservation.”

“This is the third time we are running the programme. We did the first one in October last year and the second one in January this year. We have a good mix of children who have done the first two programmes and new ones too. It has been going really well,” said Herrmann.

The children will also get the opportunity to learn new songs, chants and the Lord’s Prayer in Maori.

Herrmann said: “It is time for the children to socialize with each other and learn to communicate. We have started to see a lot of teamwork and leadership skills within our children. We are hoping that the children can take everything they have learnt back into their homes.

“The biggest resource that we could get for this programme is parents to help out and learn these cultural skills too. The challenge for the organisers is to always have something new for the kids to do.”

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