Focusing on new photography skills proves a winner

Saturday April 20, 2019 Written by Published in Education
Michelle Pora keen to ask Tokerau Jim questions. 19041635 Michelle Pora keen to ask Tokerau Jim questions. 19041635

Tikikaveka College’s three-day digital photography tutorials finished up with the last session on Monday this week.


Self-taught photographer Tokerau Jim has been sharing his knowledge about camera settings and techniques with a group of 20 keen photographers.

Jim presented participation certificates to everyone who attended his tutorials.

“Having three sessions has been great. We are still able go back to basic camera settings as the main foundation.”

He said gradually everyone became more confident with their camera settings and taking photos.

“Equipment is important. It’s about learning how to work with what you have,” said Jim.

He added, four of the people attending got the opportunity to shoot with him at the school cultural show at the auditorium on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

“It’s really difficult to shoot at night with low light and tons of movement. I want them to enjoy the experience and not to worry too much about getting the perfect image.”

Jim said at the cultural show they will have to take photos without a flash and if they capture great images that will be a bonus.

In their last practical session, they covered taking photos from different angles and revised shutter speed, ISO and aperture.

These were the comments from some of the participants:

Juliana Hosking Tekoronga, student, said: “The experience is great. I really enjoyed it as much as I expected. It’s one of my hobbies.”

Makayla Ibbetson said: “I found the class to be very enjoyable. Tokerau gave helpful tips and now all I need to do is put them into practice.”

Michelle Pora said: “I’ve learned to be more creative. Not always taking the obvious shot. Everyone has different perspective.”

Ronnie Si’ulepa said: “It is great that Tokerau is running this, the funds raised are going towards Titikaveka College’s school trip. I have taken up photography as a hobby. I have no formal training. But I pick up jobs taking photos at weddings and family reunions.”

Paul Lynch said: “I’m a beginner photographer. I’ve enjoyed getting familiar with camera techniques.” 

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