Apii Avarua building dome

Monday April 15, 2019 Written by Published in Education

Apii Avarua’s multipurpose dome is well underway, with the canvas placed on its steel frames last week.


Principal of the school, Engia Baxter, says the project for the school’s dome was initiated back in 2016, and the school committee and the Parent Teacher Association decided on the New Zealand based company Nova Shades to build the structure.

The first phase began last year with the scoping and measuring of the area and the digging of the holes.

Earlier this the year the second phase started. There still is a lot of work to be done before it is completed such as fencing, water blasting, painting and the lighting.

Avarua School has received $150,000 from the Indian Grant fund, and $14,000 from the NZ High Commission; and the school fundraisers that have continued since 2016 have raised about $300,000 towards the project.

Small fundraisers such as cake stalls, food days, and movie nights are still ongoing to assist the financial costs of the dome.

Baxter would like to remind parents to please attend working bees when they are announced, to come along and help the school.

She would like to thank the community and the businesses who have helped out: CIGT, T & M Heather, JW Estall, GNS contractors, Raro Weld, CITC, Excil Shipping, Infrastructure Cook Islands, Eugene Kaina, Ports Authority, Ministry of Education, and all those who have contributed.

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