Avarua honours its new prefects

Saturday February 09, 2019 Written by Published in Education
Apii Avarua 2019 prefects. 19020817 Apii Avarua 2019 prefects. 19020817

Prefects for Apii Avarua 2019 were presented their badges at the National Auditorium yesterday morning.


This year each students parent was given the honour of awarding the badge to their child.

Apii Avarua Principal, Engia Baxter addressed the school prefects saying, “Of the 500 students at school, you have been selected to wear the badge to be leaders.”

“Here’s hoping you will be positive leaders, during and after school, keep good values, be kind to each other, be tolerant, be joyful and be strong leaders.”

Lilyana Mataitini spoke confidently on behalf of the prefects, “Thank you for accepting and trusting us.

“We will carry out our roles to the best of our ability, to all the students we are here to walk beside you, help us to be great leaders.”

Mataitini also noted the colours of the uniform and what they symbolised, the girls pink shirts signify good health and perfection; the blue of the boy’s shirts embodies loyalty and faithfulness.

“The 2019 prefects are Girls: Faith Ben, Kaitlyn Karika, Ketia Kiliuyi, Lilyana Mataitini, Maihanarei Short, Maria Patia, Mere-Jean Piri, Ngapoko Amataiti, Nooroa Charlie, Raera Veiao, Terehana Teko, Tetaa Tetauru, Tofena Tome and Roriki Saitu; Boys: Aurametua Vavia, Benjamin Robert, Christopher Pita, Claythan Armstrong, Ephraim Simpson, Iosefo Samania, Noah Tiaiti, Ouxin Taokia, Paulo Allsworth, Robert Savage, Stanley Tutai, Tione Nand, William Daniel and Anzac Tapaitau.

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