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Nukutere looks forward to rebuild

Thursday January 10, 2019 Written by Published in Education

Nukutere College is focused this year on the reconstruction of classrooms that were destroyed by a fire in 2013.


College principal Delaney Yaqona said it was a major project for the school and would cost around $700,000.

The college is currently going through a tender process for construction of the new buildings but the project is still expected to begin in March and will be completed in July.

Yaqona said the rebuild involved two stages, with stage one focused on replacing the classroom. The administration block will be constructed in stage two.

He said in the meantime teachers have been teaching in whatever spaces are available including, old storerooms and workshops – a slightly better situation than in 2013 and 2014 when classes were held under marquees in the school grounds.

“Since the fire, classroom space has been an issue, but we have actually been appreciative of our community because since the fire, the school roll has grown,” Yaqona said.

Following the completion of Tereora College’s new building last year however, the school lost a significant number of students, as did all schools and the school roll decreased.

“Parents are excited now, knowing the buildings are coming up and teaching conditions will be better at Nukutere for 2019. Our kids are the most resilient ones; the children have just got on with it since 2013 - they just went on with the learning.”

Yaqona said due to the fire in 2013, the school could not introduce Year 12 classes. However these are now in the pipeline for 2020 -2021, depending on the construction of buildings.

“This is a need on the island, because only Tereora offers year 12 and 13,” said Yaqona. So this will give parents more options.”

The school reintroduced commerce into the curriculum last year and classes will be fully operational this year.

The Chinese studies that started in year seven last year will continue and this year they will progress to year eight through the University of the South Pacific.

Yaqona said the college was also looking at revamping its physical education department.

Enrolments will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week from 9am – 11am.

While three teaching staff members completed their terms with Nukutere last year, a new Head of Science is coming from Australia with his family. The school will also farewell a teacher who will retire this term.

It’s back to school time on January 28, when a welcome ceremony will be held for new students.

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