Christmas shopping excites children

Saturday December 22, 2018 Written by Published in Education

The CITC main store was a hive of activity yesterday with animated children squealing with delight as they excitedly moved through the aisles trying to decide on Christmas gifts.


Patient parents, some of them looking a little reluctant, stood by to monitor their children’s purchases, while kids pointed out their gift of choice and hoped Santa would deliver the goods.

Joel and Geovaine Pirangi were thrilled with their selections, both deciding on glowing swords.

The boys and their Mum departed for Aitutaki yesterday afternoon to spend the festive season with their families.

Daniel Maora, Trinity Ponini and Niyress Cuthers couldn’t decide what they wanted, saying there was so much to choose from.

A young girl who selected a beautiful shiny dress said she always loved wearing a sparkly dress to the church service on Christmas Day.

Kura Mains a mother with three children said she was shopping for all the groceries and presents for Christmas Day as she did not want to be caught up in the shopping frenzy today or on Monday.

“Ive learned over the years. Now I have a list and I shop for completely everything and anything three shopping days prior to Christmas Day, which saves me stress and being with frazzled kids.”

CITC’s Mere Short said the most popular toys were play dough (toddlers), slime balls and “Hatching Reptile” eggs that need to be soaked in water.

Short wishes customers and everyone a safe a joyful Christmas from the CITC staff.

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