Titikaveka principal bids farewell

Wednesday December 19, 2018 Written by Published in Education

Grace  Matenga received the 2018 Dux trophy at Titikaveka College’s prizegiving event last Wednesday.


Principal Gaylyn Lockington also said her farewells at the event, as she will return to her home island of Aitutaki next year.

“It was an emotional day for our year 11 students and myself,” Lockington said.

“We all started together five years ago.

“I have seen these students grow from awkward, shy young boys and girls into beautiful and responsible young adults.

“We have created some good and not so good memories which we all cherish.”

She said to the students: “The world is your oyster, do not be afraid to reach for the stars.

“In everything that you do in life, put God first and make us proud. Do your best and aim for the highest honour.”

“We may be a small school but we are very active and participate in academic, sporting and cultural competitions with pride and enthusiasm. Participation is our emphasis where students are exposed to more than learning in the classroom,” said Lockington.

Among highlights of the school’s year were the fact that it was placed second at the Vaka Iti, Year 7 and 8 students participated in the Highland Paradise Cultural competition and the under 16 boys and girl’s teams was first at the Quick Rippa event.

Year 9 students placed first at the National Mathematics competition and Huanui College from New Zealand worked with the Year 8 and 9 students for 10 days on the theme of “sustainability”.

Next year Titikaveka’s Year 9 and 10 students will travel to New Zealand and continue working with Huanui students on sustainability projects.

This year the college also participated in many interschool competitions including: a speech competition where Nooroa Uini took first place in the Year 11 Cook Islands Maori category, a writing competition in which special needs student Metua Douglas Reddick’s composition was published in a book. Students participated in this year’s Te Maeva Nui drumming competition for the first time as well as the float parade and flower festival.

Lockington said she was thankful to all the parents and the people of Vaka Takitumu for entrusting their children into the school’s care.

The school has grown from having 77 students when she first started as principal five years ago to 97 this year, through the efforts of commitment and dedication of the teachers and the Parents Teachers Association (PTA).

Lockington would also like to thank the people of Vaka Takitumu, “for embracing me, an Aitutakian to be part of their school community.

“I have fond memories of this school, as this is my first school as a graduate and my first school as a principal.

“I have spent many years teaching in this school, therefore Titikaveka will always have a special place in my heart.”

She also thanked local businesses and sponsors for their continuous support.

“God bless, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

Titikaveka College Senior prizegiving results:

Year 11 Overall Results: Dux – Grace Matenga, Runner Up dux – Maea Parker, 3rd Overall Mary Ngamata.

Umea trophy for All Rounder – Grace Matenga, Top Senior in Cook Islands Maori and Culture – Nooroa Uini, Top Sportsperson of the year – Nukumaeaea Mokoroa.

Year 11 Awards: Grace Matenga – 1st Maths, CIs Maori; 2nd Science, Information and Communication Technology; 3rd Geography, English.

Mary Ngamata – 1st Physical Education, Performing Arts, Geography (equal); 2nd English; 3rd Mathematics.

Maea Parker – 1st English, Science, Design and Visual communication, Information and Communication Technology, Geography (equal); 2nd Mathematics.

Heimata Kietonga – 2nd Performing Arts (equal), 3rd ICT, Science; 4th English, Most Improved Maths.

Makua Nikoia – 1st Visual Arts, 2nd CIs Maori, Design and Visual Communications; Mii – Maruia Ngaata – 1st Hospitality; Nooroa Uini – 2nd Hospitality, Most Improved CIs Maori and Visual Communication; Lucas Atuatika – 2nd Physical Education; Tetiarahi Uka – 2nd Performing Arts (equal); Ake Maraea Parutu – 3rd Hospitality, Most Improved Information and Communication Technology; Tereapii Matamaki – 3rd Physical Education; Lili Williams – 3rd – Design and Visual Communication; Davida Brothers – 3rd CIs Maori; William Pokino – Most Improved Hospitality; Keryn Lenoir – Most Improved Mathematics and Science.

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