Wearable arts to highlight waste issue

Saturday October 06, 2018 Written by Published in Education
Maraeara Leon Maea is a Year 3 pupil. 18100432 Maraeara Leon Maea is a Year 3 pupil. 18100432

In the Cook Islands, Rakuraku School on Rakahanga recently held a wearable arts competition to bring Rakahanga’s waste issue to light, by reusing, reducing and recycling.

A total of 19 students participated in the event that involved students creating wearable pieces made out of a range of different waste materials such as aluminium cans, pig feed sacks, cardboard material and two-minute noodle packets.

A custom-built runway made of painted plastic panels was laid on the beach front of Rakuraku School with a podium stage that was lined with plastic bottles.

Rakahanga located in the northern Cook Islands has a current population of around 78 people.

Waste collected is disposed of in a large dug out community hole located in Numahanga. Two previous pits have already been covered in Hunters Corner and Kuta.

E-waste collected is stored and then exported off the island back to the capital Rarotonga to be dismantled and to then be sold for parts.

Waste disposal in the outer islands, particularly plastic, is still an area that needs attention, as majority of waste produced is either buried or burnt.    


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