College starts term with more students

Friday August 17, 2018 Written by Published in Education
Nine new students have joined Tereora College for the remainder of the school year. 18021215 Nine new students have joined Tereora College for the remainder of the school year. 18021215

The start of the second half of the school year has seen a surprising increase in student numbers at Tereora College.


Nine new students have joined the school, all of them from Cook Islands families who have relocated from New Zealand.

It was something of a surprise for principal Tania Morgan on her first day back at work.

“It was unexpected but it is certainly a positive for the island to see Cook Islanders returning here from New Zealand.”

Morgan said she had been aware of talk in the community that Tereora would be implementing a roll-cap as the number of students continued to rise.

“We have not ever had a roll cap and will not be looking to (have one) in the future.”

Ministry of Education secretary Danielle Cochrane echoed these sentiments.

“The Ministry and Tereora College would work together on defining if a roll cap is required but to my knowledge, there has never been a roll cap in place at the school.  “There is no roll cap in place and there are no plans to put in a roll cap at Tereora College, or any secondary school on Rarotonga.” With a busy term ahead, Morgan said the big focus as always at Tereora was preparing senior students for their practice exams towards the end of the term.

“We only have seven weeks before our seniors do their practice NCEA exams, so there is a focus on making sure our students are up to date with where they need to be.”

Ensuring the seniors are prepared for these exams has seen a change in the timing of the school’s annual athletics day competition.

“We have shifted our athletics to next week to ensure that our seniors remain purely focused on their studies before exams, as well giving them the chance to take part in this competition without giving up their study time. “We also decided to move it because of the college schools’ competition which is taking place this term.”

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