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Buy local, the Super Fund told

Saturday October 12, 2019

The Cook Islands Superannuation Fund should invest in local companies, according to a report from the Asian Development Bank.

Tax cuts on horizon after $55m surplus

Wednesday October 09, 2019

Finance minister promises income tax review – but also answers call for spending on health, education and infrastructure.

Warning: Save money for rainy day

Thursday October 10, 2019

The Chamber of Commerce is warning businesses to start planning and preparing for a recession, that economists say could bite next year.

Business leaders say next year’s income tax review must be independent. 

Tourists say ‘fantastic’ Cook Islands tourism experience tempered only by budget airline’s failures.

The purse seining deal with the European Union is likely to continue for another four years as revenue from fishing licences increases.

Cook Islands has graduated to “developed” nation status – but despite dire warnings, is expected to lose barely a cent of overseas aid.

The Cook Islands will be ready to harvest precious metals from the ocean floor in just five years.

Floods and fires fuel pain

Monday September 30, 2019

Tourist operators ask government to step up, as big resorts’ flood and fire insurance premiums soar $1m-plus a year. 

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