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Cook Islands Prime Minister Henry Puna has announced he will visit his Australian counterpart in Canberra this coming week. 

Builders go to ground

Thursday November 07, 2019

New complainant says CM Contracting did unsatisfactory work, then went to ground. 

Resorts welcome the pink dollar

Thursday November 07, 2019

Tourism operators are opening their arms and their doors to same-sex couples.

Cook Islands is No 3 on a list of the top emerging travel destinations in the world.

Cook Islands asks: What about China?

Saturday November 02, 2019

New Zealand Defence Force promises to invest security and resilience in the Pacific.

Government is still mulling legal action against the Chinese contractor whose poor workmanship has resulted in 17 kilometre of pipeline needing repairs.

Government says the disestablishment of the Cook Islands Pearl Authority is good for the future of the industry. 

Land Holdings seeks drainlayers, welders and digger operators for big project, reports Rashneel Kumar.

A six to eight per cent hike in shipping costs is set to flow through into the supermarkets and other services.

Cargo ships supplying the country with everything from food to infrastructure construction materials will switch to low-sulphur fuel next month.

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