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A call from Pacific leaders to maximise money from the Green Climate Fund will drive a wedge between countries in desperate need of climate change help.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration has outlined its strategy for the future – so it was only appropriate that a Cook Islander of the future laid down the ministry’s challenge.

Any improvement to the cruise infrastructure will help the cruise industry in the Cook Islands, says Cook Islands Tourism.

The Cooks Islands Tourism industry yesterday launched the biennial awards for excellence and performance among operators.

The channel through Arorangi lagoon is to be widened and deepened to prevent a tragic repeat of the MS Amsterdam fiasco.

Kaireva couple made to apologise

Tuesday August 20, 2019

The owners of a Rarotonga holiday home have apologised to a former guest Bridie Henderson after pressure from Cook Islands Tourism – but other guests say they too are owed apologies.

A large mound of plastic ropes was dragged in from the reef in Turangi by a family of tourists after they discovered the debris caught in the reef while they were walking down the beach.

Tourists have become more demanding, an industry veteran warns, and the Cook Islands have to sharpen up or pay the price.

Young couple Bernard and Melody Tararo took a month to find a home. They just feel blessed to have a home owner who rented them a flat, long-term.

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