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Proposal abhorrent: Mataiapo

Tuesday July 17, 2018

Manavaroa Mataiapo Tutara, Philip Marama Nicholas, traditional chief of Avana Nui, and his Ui Rangatira, - Koropuaka Rangatira Tutara Tinirau Tamarua, Koroponga Ki Aua Mata Nooroa, Koroponga Ki Runga, Kiri A Ta Unga Ierei Ama,  and Tupakau Pauline Maoate Kirikava, says that to allow a building to cast a shadow on Marae Vaerota is abhorrent to the mana, and spirituality for Ngati Kainuku and Ngati Manavaroa. 

The theme of speeches delivered during Ariki Day celebrations in the Takitumu district last Friday focused on the roles and functions of the country’s traditional leaders and the reasons they need to lean on God's understanding in leading their people.

Rumours of associate minister and ministerial chief executive appointments have kept the “coconut wireless” humming over the last two days.

One Cook Islands leader Teina Bishop’s claim that there is “no friction” within the One Cook Islands movement over George Maggie’s decision to join the CIP government has been shot down in flames by party president George Turia.

The congregation of St Mary’s Catholic Church at Arorangi were treated to a colourful spectacle after mass on Sunday when there was a short combined parade for St Joseph’s Scout Troop and the St Joseph’s Girl Guides.

The Cook Islands Party (CIP) government seemed to trump the Democratic Party last Thursday afternoon after winning the support of the two independent and One Cook Islands party seat holders who were sworn in as Cabinet ministers.

An unidentified tourist carrying a young child in front of him on his rented scooter learned a quick lesson about Cook Islands road rules when he was stopped by a police officer near the St Joseph’s Road intersection yesterday morning.

Held under grey skies with persistent light rain, Ui Ariki and Aronga Mana Day in Puaikura this year was a fairly muted affair compared with previous years, with no large-scale entertainment and fewer participants.

It will cost nearly $1.8 million to transport outer islanders participating in Te Maeva Nui celebrations to Rarotonga and to return them to their home islands at the end of the monster celebration.

Democratic Party parliamentary leader William ‘Smiley’ Heather has a message for Demo supporters.

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