Big Asian banks offer Covid help

Saturday June 06, 2020 Written by Published in Economy
Some of the medical supplies delivered to Kiribati. 20052934 Some of the medical supplies delivered to Kiribati. 20052934

Two international development banks are working with government to provide medical supplies or finance.

The Asian Development Bank and United Nations Children’s Fund are to delivering tents, personal protective equipment and other supplied to health ministry Te Marae Ora.

The Bank says they want to help the Pacific respond, if the Covid-19 pandemic gets here.

The tents that can be used as mobile clinics, taking the pressure off existing hospital facilities.

The $600,000 worth of medical supplies and personal protective equipment also include as masks, gloves, gowns, protective suits, thermal scanners, hygiene sets and antiseptics.

Leah Gutierrez, the Bank’s Director General for the Pacific, said although Cook Islands and other islands were Covid-free, it was still not a time to be complacent.

UNICEF’s Sheldon Yett said it was important to have the resources and expertise in place before it was needed, to reduce the risk to children.

Meanwhile, Cook Islands has also joined the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a Chinese government-sponsored bank that finances sustainable infrastructure.

Financial Secretary Garth Henderson membership of the bank was timely because of the many challenges faced by Cook Islands during Covid-19.

He said the Investment Bank was another financing avenue to help Cook Islands protect the health of its people and provide a lifeline to businesses, the workforce and vulnerable people.

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