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Vodafone shuts down excessive data

Thursday May 21, 2020 Written by Published in Economy

Customers have welcomed a new circuit-breaker on Vodafone’s mobile plans, to stop people blowing their data budget.

The feature, introduced on Monday, disables customers’ data once it exceeds the monthly allowance.

There have been complaints about excessive billing in the past and Vodafone had said this was due to customers exceeding their data usage on their monthly plans.

Rod Henderson, a Vodafone customer, said the feature was long overdue.

“I have not personally experienced this but I have friends who have racked up huge bills because they surpassed their monthly cap,” Henderson said.

“This will help them keep track of their data usage. This feature will come as a big relief for everyone in those plans.”

Vodafone Cook Islands commercial manager Lahaina Kiely said the feature was introduced to help their customers manage their usage and costs.

If customers have exceeded their data allowance, they have the option to purchase a data add-on to reactivate their data or wait till the new month for the new monthly allowance to kick in.  

“Postpay mobile customers are able to purchase add-ons anytime during the month and that data allowance is added to their monthly allowance,” Kiely said.

“We strongly encourage our customers to monitor their usage on a regular basis using MyVodafone Cook Islands app or checking their balances via the USSD menu by dialling *888#.”

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