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Tuesday October 30, 2018 Written by Published in Economy
Kairangi Samuela. 18102979 Kairangi Samuela. 18102979

Cook Islands Tourism Corporation is hosting their second Global Breakfast Update for the financial year, this morning at 8am at Muri Beach Club Hotel’s Lagoon Lounge. 


In collaboration with key government agencies, the corporation’s breakfast updates are tailored to ensure that community and industry partners are kept well informed regarding future and current regulations, policies and opportunities vital to their business success. 

Today’s GBU will focus on Foreign Labour and Investment: discussing accountability, transparency and awareness in a complex environment.

CI Tourism is pleased to announce that the guest speakers will be Teariki Vakalalabure (CEO Business Trade and Investment Board), Kairangi Samuela (Principal Immigration Officer), and, Sandrina Thondoo (Director of Labour and Consumer Services).

The speakers will discuss issues such as local and foreign employment, work permits, employment regulation and obligations, draft policies, case studies and minimum wages to name a few.

The first speaker for the day will be Teariki Vakalalabure, who will be focusing on foreign investment in the Cook Islands. Vakalalabure is a Cook Islander who has worked in foreign investment with BTIB for the past seven years, three of which as the CEO. He also worked in the private and public sector in Fiji and has a legal background with a Masters in Law specialising in International Trade and Finance.

The second speaker will be Kairangi Samuela, Principal Immigration Officer (PIO) for the Cook Islands. Samuela will be speaking on modernising the Cook Islands Immigration legal framework with a focus on Immigration Draft legislation and Consultations.

Samuela has lived all her life in the Cook Islands. She has been the PIO for the last three years. Previously she worked in the NGO sector with a focus on Gender Equality and Social Justice.

She was also Deputy Chair and Board member of the Bank of the Cook Islands for a number of years before joining the Public Service.

Her areas of speciality include Human Resources management and Psychology having worked in the Cook Islands Development Bank and Te Aponga Uira as HR Manager in the early stages of her career.

The third and final speaker for the day will be Sandrina Thondoo, Director of Labour and Consumer Services for the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Thondoo will be discussing employment rights and obligations, providing real life cases in Cook Islands relating to migrant workers.

Labour and Consumer Services deal with all matters related to employment rights and obligations, within the framework of the Employment Relations Act 2012 and international Decent Work principles. Thondoo, a Swiss national married to a Cook Islander and mother to a 4-year-old, has been living on Rarotonga for five years. She holds a Masters of Laws in Human Rights and has previous international experience in labour law.

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